Authentic cuisine, made entirely from scratch.

Memories made in food

Our eclectic menu reflects the wide variety of influences and experiences that inform our approach to cooking. We don’t just serve dishes, we serve memories.

Popular dishes

Soft Shell Crab

Soft shell crab is a culinary delicacy that consists of a crab that has molted its hard shell, making the entire crab edible. The dish typically involves lightly battering and deep-frying the crab, resulting in a crispy outer shell with tender and succulent meat inside..

Sea Urchin (Uni)

The flavor and texture of uni can vary depending on the species and the location of the sea urchin, as well as the time of year when it is harvested. The highest quality uni is typically harvested in the winter months, when the urchins have had time to fatten up before spawning.

Great food for the whole family

Some of the best memories revolve around good food and family – that's why we welcome all of your loved ones, including children. We have dedicated family seating section towards the back of the restaurant.

We are here to lighten up your evening

All of our waiters have worked in our kitchen, meaning that they know the menu inside out and can help you, whether you need to check for allergens or need a hand for picking the right kind of wine.

We welcome your animal friends

Our restaurant is pet-friendly, meaning that you can bring your furry friends with you. We ask for calm and collected behavior from all of our animal customers.

Book a table

Reserving a table beforehand means less waiting. Groups of 8 or more must reserve ahead of time.